Join us on an all-inclusive, eleven day journey across the ancient island of Ireland. We will visit many of the known and hidden places of botanical interest where you will encounter Ireland’s rare and unusual flora including our native medicinal herbs and the ancient traditions of their use, all the while, travelling through stunning landscapes where you may commune with ancient stones, holy wells and sacred trees of Ireland.

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Testimonial from US based herbalist/ author Rosemary Gladstar for the Sept. 2016 & May 2017 Plant Lovers’ Journey to Ireland arranged and guided by Wild Routes Ireland.

“Chris and Tara were amazing guides on our first Plant Lover’s Journey to Ireland! Chris did an outstanding job creating an itinerary that was not only inspiring,  but incredibly fun. We woke up every day with a new adventure planned.  As nature and plant lovers, we spent a great deal of our time outdoors in the beautiful countryside, Walking through sacred woods,  ancient groves, and visiting sacred sites.  Tara, being Irish to her core, was able to share with us the magic of her homeland and enrich our journey with her stories and ceremonies.   But what really made the trip for most of us, was the opportunity to meet so many  wonderful Irish people  ~ artists, musicians, storytellers, the Irish herbal community ~  all were invited to be part of our journey.”

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