7th-17th of May 2019

Hands of Ireland ~ A Heritage Craft Tour

We are super excited to be collaborating with Kimberly Coburn of The Homestead Atlanta this May to offer you a journey infused with native and traditional handcrafts.

If you’ve always dreamed of a trip to explore the crafts and wonders of the Emerald Isle – or if you just can’t wait to get back – this is the trip for you! Join us on a journey exploring the diverse native crafts traditional to Ireland. We will meet and work side by side with skilled craft workers while immersed in the wild beauty and culture of this sacred land.

Join Tara De Róiste (Feakle, Co. Clare) and Chris Gambatesa (Cork) of Wild Routes Ireland to explore the country’s rich culture and history of handcrafts. Thatching, chair making, woolen weaving, boat building, wild food & seaweed foraging, herbal medicine, strawcraft, leatherwork, sustainable farming, traditional storytelling – we’ll be filling our days with amazing craftspeople and artisans.

Immerse yourself in nature as we visit ancient oak trees as old as the kings of Ireland, the remains of the only post-glacial alluvial forest left in Western Europe, gorgeous pockets of temperate rainforest, a rare yew woodland, the famous Burren, and the endless scenic vistas for which Ireland is known. We’ll also take time to immerse ourselves in Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes, spending time at stone circles, ancient forests, holy sites, and natural wonders.

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3rd-13th September 2019   

‘Deepening The Roots’ Tour

On this Deepening the Roots Tour, we will continue with the work of journeying to and connecting with the wild places. We will visit many known and hidden places of botanical interest and wild natural beauty where you will encounter Ireland’s rare and unusual flora including our native medicinal herbs and the ancient traditions of their use.

As we travel through stunning landscapes you may commune with ancient stones, holy wells and sacred forests of Ireland.

We will forage for wild seaweeds, edible hedgerow weeds and wild medicinal herbs. We will learn of the geological and cultural history of this land. We will hear the stories of the old people, of the wise women and the wee folk and of the great races of people that are said to have once inhabited this island.
We will walk in some of Ireland’s most ecologically important native woodlands.

Booking is now open for these unique experiences with a very limited amount of early bird places available so get in touch soon if you would like to reserve your place (May early pricing ends 1st Feb.)

Testimonial from US based herbalist/ author/ teacher extraordinaire Rosemary Gladstar for the Sept. 2016 & May 2017 Plant Lovers’ Journey to Ireland organised and guided by Wild Routes Ireland.

“Chris and Tara were amazing guides on our first Plant Lover’s Journey to Ireland! Chris did an outstanding job creating an itinerary that was not only inspiring,  but incredibly fun. We woke up every day with a new adventure planned.  As nature and plant lovers, we spent a great deal of our time outdoors in the beautiful countryside, Walking through sacred woods,  ancient groves, and visiting sacred sites.  Tara, being Irish to her core, was able to share with us the magic of her homeland and enrich our journey with her stories and ceremonies.   And what really made the trip for most of us, was the opportunity to meet so many wonderful Irish people  ~ artists, musicians, storytellers, the Irish herbal community ~  all were invited to be part of our journey.”


Get a Sept 2019 ‘Deepening The Roots’ tour e-brochure pdf with in-depth itinerary and helpful information by

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